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We are thinkers and tinkerers. We are passionate about development and we love working on new challenging projects. No project is too big or too small.

At Swift Manufacturing & Engineering, we have a wide range of experience in engineering including chemistry, material science, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial design. With our partners we also provide electrical engineering and motion solutions.

We are experienced in new product development, new product design and process development for biotechnology, medical device, automotive, toy, research and sciences, and other industries.

We can produce photo-realistic renderings of concepts for team review during the design process, and we can also produce full scale visual models of early concepts.

Our design philosophy is to provide complete transparency to our clients; we are your engineering team. We provide shared access to all project files through secure dropbox file sharing so you always have immediate access to the latest documents and files.

We have the ability to take a project from early concept to production without the delays associated with third party suppliers for prototype and pilot manufacturing. We also have experience working with other manufacturing companies, tool makers, and large scale molders in the US and Asia.

In the development world, you have a lot of phrases, like “the fuzzy front end”, that get tossed around. Here we believe that every product has its own path. We follow traditional methods for the process of conceptualizing, ideation and development. However, depending on the product, these methods don’t always fit. If we’re able to remain open minded, and work¬†with the clients and the clients goals, then we’re able to¬†achieve great things together; Using many different methods, styles and design philosophies.

At Swift, we have the experience and insight to make you succeed by helping you cross the bridge from development to production. Even if your project is already far along, we can step in to ensure a smooth transfer to manufacturing.

Our Product Development Process:

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